Writing Articles For Permanent Traffic

Writing Articles For Permanent Traffic - Writing articles could very well be the most effective strategy for driving free traffic to your website. A brief article that is distributed to a few different locations can generate ongoing streams of traffic. Some of the following are examples of how articles can drive traffic to your website:

Writing Articles For Permanent Traffic

1. Click-throughs from article repositories and databases. People will read your articles that are stored in an article bank and then click on the link that is located in the "author's resource box."

2. the traffic from search engines. If you search Google for "cheap international plane tickets," results that include sites that contain my article will be returned. The link to my travel website is included in every version of the article, so readers can access it from anywhere.

3. Additional online locations When one of my reports displays a referral address that I am not familiar with, it almost always indicates that a website is utilizing one of my articles.

The Fundamentals Behind Article Submission

Send your articles to article banks and newsletters so that others can read them. Article banks typically provide "free-distribution" articles, which means that absolutely anyone is free to use the articles on their website, newsletter, or blog. They are unable to make any changes to them, and they are required to keep your link active. The link is located in the "resource box," which is the section of the page where you introduce yourself to the reader and invite them to visit your website.

When you publish an article just once, it has the potential to go viral and generate ongoing streams of traffic. Why should it always be? This is just one illustration: Because I used this article on my website, HousesUnderFiftyThousand.com, I get a lot of search traffic for the term "mexico real estate." Although the author receives clicks through to her website, I receive traffic, which in turn generates revenue, so I will never remove that article.

Writing an Article in the Easiest Way Possible

Writing articles is not something that is limited to just writers. Try your hand at writing a "list-article" if you truly despise the act of writing. Online articles are already shorter and less formal than magazine articles in general. It is fortunate that this is the type of article that is the most popular on the internet because it is also the type that is the simplest to write.

You could write an article titled "The Top Ten Sellers on Ebay" for a website devoted to the topic of earning money through eBay. You simply need an introductory paragraph, a list with one or two sentences describing each item, some information about who you are and a link to your website, and you will be finished. You could write an article titled "Six Mistakes People Make on eBay," and then we would have to read it if we wanted to avoid making those mistakes, right?

Although there are some article banks that charge fees, there are also many that are completely free to use. Additionally, there are additional methods for driving traffic with your articles. That is the "tease" that this article is using to get you to go to the site.


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