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At FOOTAGESFREE.COM, we know that keeping your information safe and private is the most important thing for you. Here are some things you should know about safety and privacy when you look around our website.


What kind of data does FOOTAGESFREE.COM collect?


How people usually use the Site


Most of the time, you can look around the Site without telling us who you are or giving us any other information about yourself. During normal use of the Site, we only collect information for the server logs, like your IP (Internet Protocol) address, domain name, browser type, operating system, and information about the site you came from, the pages you visited, and the dates and times of those visits.


Find out more about people.


When you sign up for a newsletter, log in, ask for information, send comments, or join a discussion group or electronic mailing list, you will need to give some personal information, like your name and e-mail address. This kind of information is only kept if you give FOOTAGESFREE.COM permission to do so. It is kept in different databases and mailing lists.


On some parts of FOOTAGESFREE.COM, when you sign up for personal information, a cookie is sent to your computer. By setting this cookie, FOOTAGESFREE.COM will remember your personal information so that the next time you visit the site, you won't have to enter it again. We can improve the quality of the services we offer because of this.


When you join an online discussion group, everyone in the group, even those who aren't Site Administrators, will be able to see any personal information you choose to share. Everyone can see what's being said in some open discussion groups.


What does FOOTAGESFREE.COM do with the information it collects?


How people usually use the Site


When you use the "FOOTAGESFREE.COM" area, information is collected that is used to study trends and how people use the site so that it can be made better. There is no information about you.


Things to know about you


FOOTAGESFREE.COM could use this information to:


* Contact you, either to answer a question or a suggestion or to send you news, documents, publications, etc.;


* Check your website entries twice;


* "Remember" your online profile and your preferences;


* Using statistics to make decisions.


If I don't want to give personal information, what will happen?


You can decide whether or not to give personal information on the Site. If you don't want to give this kind of information, you can still look around the Site, but you won't be able to use the Service and all of the information it has.


Taking information away or making changes


You can change or remove your personal information at any time by going back to the page where you put it or by getting in touch with the page's coordinator. If the page in question doesn't say anything about this subject, you can send an email to admin(at)Jevanno(dot)com to find out more.


You can send an email to admin(at)Jevanno(dot)com if you are not the person who gave out personal information about you and you want it taken down.




Your personal information won't be sold or given to anyone else if you give it to the Site. All of the information that Site users give to FOOTAGESFREE.COM is kept safe and secure. It will only be used in the ways described in this privacy policy, according to the rules of the sites you visit, or in a way that you agree to. FOOTAGESFREE.COM takes many different steps to make sure that the information stored in its systems is safe and can't be lost, misused, accessed, shared, changed, or destroyed by people who shouldn't be able to.


All of our volunteers who have access to personal information or help process these data are required to keep the privacy of all Site users' personal information secret.


The Site has links to sites that aren't part of "FOOTAGESFREE.COM," so it can't be held responsible for how they handle privacy or what they say.




Any changes to these rules can be made at any time, even if they haven't been published or announced.




For any questions or inquiries about our privacy policy, you can contact us

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